Pir 0 Murshid

The Sufi Message, as brought to the West by Hazrat Inayat Khan in 1910, is universal in nature and joyfully welcomes people of all faiths, philosophies and heritages. As the first Sufi teacher in the West, he sought to make the spiritual legacy of Sufism responsive to the needs of our time.  He was one of the first to speak of an emerging planetary consciousness as the next stage in the spiritual evolution of humanity.   Sufism is a way of looking at the world and a way of living in the world. As Sufism is neither a distinct religion nor a doctrine it is not made up of a body of dogma or prescribed ritual that one must follow. It emphasizes bringing one’s highest ideal into everyday practices. It is a way for humanity to awaken to the abundance of life, both individually and collectively, in every area of human enterprise.   The work of the Sufi Order International centers draws on the work and teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, his son Pir Vilayat, and his grandson Pir Zia, who   is the current spiritual leader of the Order.