Our Interconnection with Each Other



Kinship is a nucleus for the emergence of the global human family.”

Pir Zia Inayat-Khan


The message of the Sufi movement is a call to humanity in general to unite in a world kinship beyond the boundaries of caste, creed, race, nation, or religion. The Sufi movement has no particular creed, dogma, or doctrine. Its philosophy teaches tolerance to all, understanding above all things, thereby awakening sympathy with one another, and the realization that the well-being of each depends upon the well-being of all.

Hazrat Inayat Khan


A primary focus of Kinship is to encourage the flowing of personal self-realization outward towards others in ways which support and heal.   As Pir Vilayat often reminded us, the spirituality of our times requires a shift from merely awakening consciousness to the awakening of the conscience, which encompasses a realization of interdependence and interconnection between all beings.

Those dedicated to the ideals of Kinship try in earnest to create a culture of love, harmony, and beauty which is rooted both in the mystical, as well as in the very ordinary, day-to-day ways in which we relate to others.

The work of kinship is really a lifelong, ongoing work of befriending our humanity and divinity.  It is the work of connecting with and expanding from the heart outwardly,  to encompass ever-widening, concentric circles of friendship, community, outreach, and sacred service. There are many specific forms and ways in which people are currently bringing the work of Kinship into a visible presence in our world.  This can range from volunteering for projects like the Hope Project in India, serving the sick and homeless in one’s own town or city, fundraising for refugees from war-torn countries, humanitarian aid for disasters connected with ecological imbalance, peacemaking events, and much more.

Kinship cultivates the natural connection from one heart to another, fostering harmony, goodwill, and caring action. Kinship nurtures the flowering of the individual and carries it outward through friendship, collaboration, and service. Kinship inspires people to work together to help those in need, to protect and restore the web of life on Earth, and to create a more beautiful world. Kinship awakens the conscience and builds the spiritual maturity needed to address the planetary crises we face. Kinship aims to serve as a nucleus of understanding, sympathy, and dedication to help unite humankind in the spirit of universal loving kindness.

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