The Universal Worship Universal Worship

represents an ideal put forth by Hazrat Inayat Khan in 1921 to bring all of the world’s religions together in order to promote tolerance, understanding, and spiritual awakening for humanity. We offer a prayer service, kindling lights for the world’s religions and all of the prophets who have come to earth to further the experience of love by human beings. The service often uses music and meditation to connect the participants with their inner state. Honoring and protecting the holy scriptures of every faith without judgment or prejudice is a foundation of the Universal Worship. There are ordained ministers called Cherags (“lamps”), women and men who facilitate the Universal Worship service and who are empowered to perform weddings, receive infants, conduct funerals, and many other duties. The Universal Worship is also a catalyst to bring together clergy and people of all religions in interfaith events. The Universal Worship is celebrated in many countries of the world, both East and West. Hazrat Inayat Khan has averred that the Universal Worship will be the vehicle to bring forth the understanding and experience of love, harmony, and beauty to the world.

The Universal Worship is lead by a Cherag or Cheraga which means lamp. A Cherag/Cheraga is a minister of the Sufi Order International. During a service, there is an opportunity to be silent, to allow the blessings created by the service to penetrate our beings, and to reflect on the message created during the Service.

Just as every day brings newness and blessings, so each of our Services is unique, even though following a similar format.

Some attending the Universal Worship Service for the first time erroneously assume that this is yet another new religion. Such is not the case. Hazrat Inayat Khan, through whom the service came to us, felt very strongly that the world already had many very beautiful religions, and there was no need to add to this number. His intention was that those attending the service could receive inspiration while remaining with their own religions, thereby helping their religions to grow and become that much more beautiful.


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Ongoing Cherag Training, FRSOI Lorell Frysh, Ph.D. is the area Cherag trainer and welcomes those interested in exploring training to becoming Cherags in the Sufi Order International. Contact Lorell at 303-330-6453 or email her at