To a little band of sowers has been given a handful of living grain.   Faithfully it must be sown; surely, it will be reaped; and the harvest shall be for the sustenance of all who are hungering for The Bread of Life.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Ziraat, an Arabic word for agriculture, was the last of the five concentrations inspired and created by Hazrat Inayat Khan and is a dynamic and growing concentration deeply concerned with ecology and oriented toward planetary healing. This concentration uses the symbols and dynamic processes of agriculture as ways of describing the inner life, and as ways of finding a bridge between the spiritual and material worlds.

Its teachings pertain to the purification and training of the mind, the balance of the two aspects of breath, jelal (masculine) and jemal (feminine), and the honoring of the elements. There is also a message about the need to protect the message and sow it, even though we are not destined to reap the harvest.

The Ziraat is an initiatic movement open to all.

Ziraat emphasizes service to restore the harmony between heaven and earth, inside and outside. Ziraat serves the restoration of the earth and is somehow mysteriously linked to insuring that the waters of awakening reach all the fields of the earth, irrespective of any differences of religion, race, or national boundaries.

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