Stress Reduction and Self-Care

with Eileen Alia Yager, MD, FAAP

Beginning September 30, 2017


This yearlong online course will consist of 12 monthly classes about stress and how to deal with it in your professional and personal lives. Scientific studies and spiritual/psychological insights will be included.

Each month there will be 2 practical exercises for stress reduction/self-care. A partial list: breath practices, short meditations, gentle yoga postures, guided imagery, empowerment, and general tips for reducing stress. At the end of the year you will have a better understanding of the causes of stress and burnout.

You will also know a variety of techniques – spiritual and practical – to help in your professional, personal and family life. Participants will be able to email Dr. Yager with questions, and, if indicated, she will connect by phone or Skype.


BACKGROUND OF TEACHER: Dr. Eileen Yager is a pediatrician with 48 years of experience in academics, medical education, and patient care, at UCLA, University of New Mexico, private practice in California, and now, at University of Colorado. She is Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the U of CO School of Medicine and is Director of the Integrative Pain/Symptom Management Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She treats children and adolescents with chronic pain, and with stress related symptoms.

She is a senior teacher of meditative spiritual practices in the Inayati Order,( a Universalist Sufi group) and a senior teacher of meditative healing practices in the Sufi Healing Order. She also teaches Jewish meditation including Jewish and Kabbalistic healing practices.


FEE: $180 for 12 monthly classes ($15/class)

“I look forward to sharing helpful information about stress reduction and self-care to make your busy life more balanced and enjoyable!” “If you are a health care worker or have a stressful job, these practices and tips can help prevent (and treat) burnout.”

                                                                                                                       -Eileen Alia Yager, MD

To Register:

Contact  or  518 505 0091 if you have questions.